I recently graduated from the Green School, an international school in Indonesia.


I have returned to Australia looking for permanent work in photography. Photography is my passion and I have done numerous courses and workshops in the field.


I have done 4 courses with Sebastian Suki Belaustegui, a photographer for National Geographic Magazine. We travelled together in Indonesia photographing people, villages, and landscapes.  I have a passion for travel and the work I did with Suki combined my two interests.


I am particularly interested in portrait photography.  I try to capture the character of the person in a fleeting snap of my camera.  I hope my portraits tell a story rather than simply depict a face.


I completed a ‘Fashion Photography’ course at Style Academy.  I love exploring different styles of fashion, one of my favourite pastimes is visiting markets and vintage clothes stores.  Again, I combine my passion for fashion with my photography.


Music is another love of mine.  I particularly enjoy photographing bands and musician while they are performing.  I try to capture their passion for the songs they have written and share with their audience.


I am also interested in film photography as an art and have developed my own recipe for cafenol development to avoid using harsh chemicals.


I currently live in Newtown, Sydney, and I am exploring the culture of the city through photography.

By Taj Minter Naughton